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Xingtai Xingjiu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2018 and it is located in Guangzong Economic zone Xingtai City, Hebei Province.Our company aims to be a leading materials science company with innovation, customer orientation, inclusiveness and sustainability, committed to…

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  • Organic intermediates

    Organic intermediates

    Including pharmaceutical intermediates, veterinary intermediates and dye intermediates, widely used in the synthesis of medicine, veterinary drugs and dyes.

  • Daily chemicals

    Daily chemicals

    Mainly used in the manufacture of synthetic detergents, soap, flavors, spices, cosmetics, toothpaste, ink, matches, alkylbenzene, glycerin, stearic acid, photosensitive material etc.

  • Veterinary raw materials

    Veterinary raw materials

    A product for the breeding effect and loss prevention , can make outstanding contributions to the growth and development of animals and disease prevention and treatment.

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Company Development
Company Development

The Efficacy Of Resveratrol In Women

The efficacy of resveratrol in women: Resveratrol could help female, not only can effectively promote the excretion of toxins in the body, but also for skin care also has a very good help, can effectively promote the skin cells to absorb moisture, make skin water embellish of filling, for moistur...

Product Best-Selling National And Overseas Markets

We firmly believe that quality is the life of our company and the success of our customers is our success. Reliable quality and excellent service are our permanent commitment. The export sales of pharmaceutical intermediates, such as NMN, procaine,lidocaine, tetramidazole, boric acid and other ho...

Professional R&D Technical And Highly Customer Service

Xingtai xingjiu new material technology co., Ltd. have a strong professional R & D team, talents and perfect quality control laboratory. Up to now, our products have been exported to overseas more than 60 countries, Our products had eighty percent of the market in Europe and America,(Pharmac...